What is it?

World Class Women delivers the stories of real women shaping their communities and their countries. Our presenters meet these fabulous females and share their stories along with some insider’s tips about the best locations in the world. It’s time to bust some stereotypes and show you what 51% of the world is really like. We explore the challenges, opportunities and changes of places around the world on women’s lives. What has changed since childhood, and how has that affected their lives? Why did they move there – and what adjustments did they have to make, being a woman, in their new home? Through a visit to a cafeĢ, eating at a favourite restaurant, native dancing, abseiling or rock-climbing - we learn about their current situation, views on gender-based topics in their country and expose interesting backstories about the individual. Women are great because they talk about EVERYTHING.

Why now?

The Gender Agenda has grown enormously in the last few years. Arts, politics and business have a big drive towards gender parity. From business quotas through to global marches, women stuff is everywhere. Role-models like Emma Watson have become an acceptable face of ‘feminism’ by taking it to the UN. Girls and women like Malala Yousafzei, Aung Sun Suu Kyi and Hilary Clinton are major influencers on the world stage and men have become involved in the movement through the HeForShe campaign. Women are big news, but are still marginalized on mainstream television. TV for ‘women’ is feminized and constrained and stuck in a traditional genre.


Ever wondered why there aren’t more real women on television – are they at home doing the washing? Are they buying handbags or painting their fingernails? No, they are busy doing, changing and leading. World Class Women delivers the stories of real women shaping their communities and their countries